Wednesday, July 16, 2014


CONTACT4LOAN has gained a reputable position in DELHI/ NCR for providing wide variety of Loans, Investments and Financial advisory to our clients for more than 10 years through LIC Housing Finance Limited and other Banks/ Financial Institutions. Now, apart from Delhi/NCR, we have started offering Home Loans in Dehradun and other areas of Uttarakhand ,i.e., Roorkee, Haridwar & Saharanpur through LIC Housing Finance Limited . Home Loans go a long way in helping you achieve your goals and ambitions. Your dreams are unique and may require specialized support on the path to fulfillment. Thankfully,we at CONTACT4LOAN offer you a wide array of Home Loan options. We have reached the echelons of success by maintaining cordial, transparent service and healthy relationships with our clients. We are confident that the trust we place in you will lead to a successful and fruitful relationship. With our loans you can go ahead, live your dreams and live big!

If we classify loans based on the purpose for which money is being raised, there are at least the following: 

While you are looking for home loan providers, you would have to perceive what your actual need is. You should go through all the terms related to Home Loans, should have full-fledged knowledge about the prevailing different types of home loan or Loan Against Property existing with loan players. Contact4Loan will keep you informative to end your confusion. 

Home Purchase Loan:- 
This is loan which you opt for buying a new home or any new property of your choice. Home Improvement Loan: Loan that you can take for the restoration of your existing home.

Land Purchase Loan
Your dream of purchasing a land can be true with this kind of Loan.

Loan Against Property: 
This is a form of business loan given against mortgage of House Property already purchased.

Home Construction Loan: 
If you are on the edge of constructing your home, you should opt for home construction loan.

Top up Loan
Top UP Loan or Home Extension Loan can be used for extending your present home loan.

Balance Transfer Loan
This is the loan for those who have financed their existing home loan from another Bank or Financial Institution and wished to move to another Bank/ Financial Institution with or without Top Up.

Refinance Loan:
This is customized for the people who have already purchased House and wish to take Home Loan. However, this is given only within six months of registry and after that it can be financed only as Loan Against Property.